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I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years now, and have done all the things that most professional photographers do, including Wedding photography (& video), portrait photography, models portfolio's, nature photography, sport photography, studio work & location work and have enjoyed all.

For most of that time I had worked with 35mm negative film, however during the past six years or so with the advent of digital photography I have moved more and more towards the Digital side of photography to the point that I now only take digital pictures and have forsaken film as a medium altogether. In fact I recently sold on all of my film cameras that had served me so well in the past in favour of the new technology in respect of digital SLR cameras.

The advantages of digital photography are numerous, and with the exceptionally high resolution digital SLR cameras now available the end product is as good, if not better than the equivalent film cameras. The greatest advantage is of course the fact that no film processing is required, not to mention the advantages of computerised editing and enhancing. A good example of this is the fact that at a Wedding these days, I am able to have a set of pictures available for viewing at the reception on a high resolution monitor fed via a Laptop Computer within minutes of the pictures having been taken. I can even print these pictures at photo quality instantly. In fact, as much as I love taking photographs and capturing a moment or a scene for all time, the advent of computerised editing of my digital pictures has increased that enjoyment greatly. To be able to take into a computer an existing picture that might just be lacking a little something and to be able to transform it into a spectacular picture within minutes is a great achievement in itself, and thoroughly rewarding. Of course you need the software to be able to do this, and for my needs I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 full working edition. A powerful tool, and probably unsurpassed in my opinion for such purposes.

I do actually take pictures having already planned in my mind a final product that may in no way resemble the original picture after digital editing other than in respect of the main focus of the picture. There are some examples of these pictures on this website and can be viewed by clicking here >> Picture Gallery or by clicking on the My Shop link to the top or the bottom of this page and all subsequent master pages within this website. These pictures are all my own original work and are of limited edition and are available to buy exclusively through this website.

As well as Wedding Photography and Video Filming, I do still undertake all aspects of photographic work, including Portraits (family, group, solo), Pet Portraits,  Models Portfolio's, and Video work for all occasions. All photographic work is undertaken on a 'mobile' visiting basis, and involves no travelling on behalf of the subject. For more information on my Photographic services please click on the Other Photography Link to the top or bottom of any page, or click here >> Other Photography

I am also able to convert any existing VHS format video film to DVD. Be that an old Wedding Video, Holiday Video or any other treasured Video Film. For more information on this service please either go to My Shop and follow the links or click here >> VHS to DVD

I very much hope that you enjoy looking through my website, and would greatly appreciate your feedback comments. You may leave your feedback comments by e-mail at this address martin@martspics.com 

I am still available for all aspects of photographic and video work and if you would like a quotation for a photographic or video project, be that a Wedding, Christening, Portfolio or anything else: Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and prices at martin@martspics.com giving details or contact numbers and I shall be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively you may contact me by any of the other methods shown on my Contact Me page.



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For all of my services and shop items I accept Paypal as a means of payment.

Paypal is a very safe and secure method of shopping online. You do not have to have your own Paypal account in order to purchase using this method, as all major credit cards are accepted by Paypal.

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